Dear partners,

This entrance offers a short introduction to DENCKER A/S in English.

DENCKER is the place where high-technology, a modern production plant, streamlined production processes and great employee skills forms a full service company, which works for powerful customers primarily in the Danish metal, machinery and plastic industries.

DENCKER was founded in 1996 by Anders Dencker, who is still the CEO of DENCKER. Today we have more than 50 employees such as toolmakers, plastic processing technicians, machine processing technicians and administration staff. 

Our mission is as old as our company:

"It is our pride that DENCKER’s customers receive flawless products - delivered on time."

Our performances

DENCKER delivers molding and prototype tools for the plastic industry, and we are producing plastic subjects in small series. We also perform all kinds of service and repairs/corrective maintenance of tools and machining as well as production of small series and manufacturing of machine parts for the metal industry.

Full-line supplier

On demand of our customers we have developed the skills, the production equipment and enough experience to support our customers from design draft to finished product.
Today we are often involved as soon as a subject exists as a draft. From that point we contribute in order to ensure a rational production process to maximize the subject’s profitability for the customer. Finally, we offer repair and service of our customers' products.

Next-door partner

DENCKER is a Danish company located in new, bright and functional production facilities in the center of Jutland in Nykøbing Mors.  It is of great convenience for our mainly Danish customer’s, that we are geographically and physical not far away, when a product is in need of adjustment, repair or modification.


Anders Dencker

Anders Dencker


Telefon: (+45) 60 40 00 50

Per M Kristensen

Per M Kristensen

Afdelingsleder Tool

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